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Adult Webmaster Guide

7 months ago

1) Create your website

The first step for every porn webmaster is to create a website. And for that you need a website hosting and a web software. And the best web software is Wordpress. It is free and you can create a complete website, blog or apps with it. You haven't to code anything. Wordpress can be directly install in most of web hosting, and you can personalize it as you want by using a control panel.

Wordpress Templates
You can find a perfect template for your website at
Example : Wordpress Tube Template

Wordpress Plugins
You can find best plugins for your website at
Example : Wordpress Grid Plugin

2) Get more traffic
When you want to get more traffic for your website, you can buy ads to advertise on other websites, or you can trade traffic with other webmasters.

Buy Ads
If you want to get a lot of visitors quickly the best way is to buy advertising. You will get targeted traffic and cost depends on clicks or visits sent to your website.
If you want to buy adult ads, use this networks :

Trade traffic
The second way to get more traffic is to trade traffic with other webmasters. For this you can add a partner zone to your website. But to trade easily, you can use a trade traffic script. You can check every trade with it, and you can order your parnter list by traffic they sent.
The most complete script is TradeExpert and you can use it for free.
There is also a trade traffic plugin for Wordpress, named WPLinkTrade

Monetize your traffic
You have a lot of visits to your website and you want to earn money with it ? 
Monetize your traffic by selling ads or link to another website, or by using a link shortner.
Best Ads programs :

JuicyAds - Buy and sell ads.
PlugRush - Buy, sell and trade traffic.
ExoClick - Buy, sell and trade traffic. - Up to 15$ per 1000 views

Monetize your images
If you don't want to host all your website's pictures, you can host it at an imagehost, and you can earn money with it. You will find here some good imagehosts :
Best Imagehost affiliate programs :

ImgMega - Up to 6$ per 1000 views
ImgTwist - Up to 5.5$ per 1000 views

Monetize your files
The third way to monetize your website is by using a filehost with an affiliate program. You will be paid for every download, view or when your users purchase a premium account.
Best Filehost affiliate programs :

Rapidgator - PPD : Up to 40$/1000 downloads | PPS : 50% of sales and rebills
MoneyPlatform - PPS : 50% of sales and 40% rebills
Alfafile - PPS : 50% of sales and 50% rebills